Banner Groups and Buying Groups

Banner Groups and Buying Groups

Setting Up Your Pharmacy for Success

A business relationship begins with an agreement. As a pharmacy owner, a big part of your efforts to stay competitive involve minimizing costs and maximizing purchasing power. In other words, you will likely find yourself solidifying an agreement between your business and a relevant buying group or banner group. The initial negotiation process is critical to protect your best interests and to ensure that you understand the agreements into which you are about to enter. Saad Law assists both banner groups, buying groups and pharmacy owners through initial formation and setup, the creation of competitive programs, strategic discussions and a commitment to enhance overall membership benefits.

Empowering Pharmacy Owners

Saad Law is no stranger to buying group and banner group negotiations. We speak to pharmacy owners on a daily basis and recognize their entry position, define their ideal terms and skillfully negotiate in order to arrive at a favourable agreement. Prior to any formal negotiations, Saad Law carefully evaluates the market, compares your deal to our understanding of the competitive landscape and ensures that you are in a position to best negotiate with the desired buying group or banner group.

Market Intelligence Offers a Competitive Edge

Because we have years of industry experience behind us and because we are regularly engaged with banner groups and buying groups, we are able to keep a close eye on the market. This translates into commanding, insightful and critical market intelligence that we use as negotiating power behind the scenes. We know the market. We know the banner groups and the buying groups. We know what a fair agreement is. And we do everything in our power to make sure you get it.