Pharmacy Professional Corporations

Setting Up Your Corporation

The formation process for a pharmacy professional corporation differs from that of other corporations that do not fall under the healthcare sector. Pharmacies are regulated practices, and as a result, there are very specific setup requirements for professional corporations. When it comes time to legally structure your business, choosing a law firm that has vital industry expertise can make all the difference.

Where We Add Value

Saad Law has assisted numerous pharmacists in the complete setup and formation of their pharmacy professional corporations from the ground up. We legally structure your professional corporation with exceptional attention to detail and comprehensive support on related issues including financing, taxation and liability. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a law firm that has an excellent working relationship with the Ontario College of Pharmacists, that is familiar with the regulatory procedures, and that has the right contacts in the right places to ensure that all requirements are met efficiently and correctly.

The Specifics

We collaborate with the Ontario College of Pharmacists to provide all the necessary information, submit applications, acquire approvals and obtain certificates of authorization. Acting as your trusted legal advisor, Saad Law provides guidance and counsel wherever needed. And this is a service that continues long after the formation of your pharmacy professional corporation. We seek to establish and maintain long term working relationships with each of our pharmacy clients so that now and in the future, you have a knowledgeable, pragmatic and skilled legal team to rely on.