Dentistry Practice Acquisitions and Divestitures

The Need for Specialized Expertise

A dentistry practice is a specialized business. And a specialized business calls for a specialized approach on all matters – acquisitions and divestitures are no exception. Saad Law has not only successfully closed numerous acquisition and divestiture deals, but we’ve specifically done so for dentists. We’ve helped dentists buy, sell, refinance and manage different aspects of their practices through a legal team dedicated to the dentistry sector.

Mastering the Regulatory Component

In addition to the legal and transactional work behind any given acquisition or divestiture file, dentists are required to comply with specific regulations put forth by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). Saad Law is familiar with the necessary regulations associated with an acquisition or divestiture and has established an excellent working relationship with the RCDSO.

Excelling in the Transactional Component

Setting all professional regulations aside, Saad Law’s dentistry focused legal team demonstrates unquestionable transactional expertise. We take the time to learn your goals and objectives. We analyze and familiarize ourselves with your matter. We offer legal guidance and recommendations where needed. And we identify potential issues early on by exercising our meticulous work ethic and high attention to detail. Diligent, efficient and intelligent, Saad Law does everything in its power to ensure that your acquisition or divestiture is seamless from start to finish.

Demonstrating Our Expertise

In 2015, Saad Law was involved in successfully completed dentistry transactions totalling over $10.0 million. These included a wide range of files pertaining to financing, acquisitions and divestitures.