What Defines a “Good” Commercial Lease?

A good commercial lease is one that serves the best interests of the landlord and the tenant. Saad Law represents both. With years of experience assisting clients on either side of a commercial leasing transaction, our lawyers have a unique understanding of all matters at hand. We have the invaluable insight we need to negotiate the best deal for the landlord and the best deal for the tenant.

You Need a Proper Commercial Leasing Agreement

Your commercial leasing agreement should protect you. Today and in the future. Saad Law crafts commercial leasing agreements inclusive of all the necessary provisions that may impact the tenant-landlord relationship. And we take it one step further. Our agreements also take into account how those provisions may be interpreted down the road in the event that differences between the two parties arise. By carefully drafting commercial leasing agreements that are comprehensive and clearly written, we help our clients handle challenges effectively and avoid conflicts that can only be resolved through litigation.

Solid Legal Counsel

Whether you are in the process of closing a new commercial lease or you require assistance negotiating an existing lease, Saad Law provides the guidance and support you need to make the best decisions for you and your business. With years of experience working with businesses of all kinds, our commercial real estate lawyers help clients understand and appropriately address numerous issues pertaining to specific provisions, lease surrenders, common areas, abandoned premises and operating costs.

Demonstrating Our Expertise

In 2015, Saad Law assisted clients with the following sample leases:

  • Advised a tenant in their long term lease agreement with a regional health authority –annual rent in excess of $150,000
  • Drafted a lease agreement on behalf of a landlord and business owner to establish flexibility for long term options to retain property, business or both – annual rent in excess of $350,000
  • Negotiated a lease and purchase option for a commercial development property