Healthcare Law

Healthcare Law

The Saad Law Healthcare Practice

Saad Law offers highly specialized corporate and commercial legal services to healthcare professionals and corporations. Maybe you are acquiring an existing clinic or pharmacy. Or perhaps you are in the process of establishing a new startup clinic or pharmacy within the medical, dental, veterinary or optometry sectors. Whether you find yourself negotiating with a buying group or banner group, working through financing or refinancing options, or setting up a professional corporation, our healthcare lawyers offer a strategic, pragmatic and proficient approach to ensure the successful and efficient close of your deal.

Healthcare Law Calls for Very Specific Expertise

Legal files within the healthcare sector have two important components: the regulatory and the transactional. The regulatory component involves an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry’s regulations when it comes to professional licenses, practice acquisitions and sales, application processes and ownership restrictions. The transactional component calls for particular legal expertise to manage the file, negotiate where necessary, move the process forward, protect your best interests and close the deal successfully.

Engaging a law firm with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to handle both components is critical. Saad Law understands the specific regulations of the industry and has the right team of experts to navigate the system and skillfully manage your deal from start to finish.

Years of Experience in the Healthcare Sector

Over the years, Saad Law has worked with numerous healthcare businesses including pharmacies, dentistry practices, optometry practices, veterinary hospitals and clinics, medical imaging centres and radiology clinics. We have collaborated with regulatory colleges throughout Canada to facilitate the transfer of licenses, the acquisition of new accreditation numbers and billing numbers, the reapplication process and the confirmation of new ownerships in good standing. We know what to do, when to do it and how to do it properly so that the results are accurate and the process is seamless.

Well-Known Name, Trusted Service in the Healthcare Sector

Saad Law is a renowned firm within the healthcare space. Not only do we engage on numerous healthcare related legal files on an ongoing basis, but we are also regularly called upon to assist the vendor’s or purchaser’s council, whatever the case may be, on a variety of matters to facilitate a successful closing for both parties. Clients choose Saad Law because they know we have the required knowledge, experience and skills to effectively handle all regulatory processes, to efficiently manage all transactional work, to protect their best interests at all times, and to ultimately ensure that the deal is closed – the right way.