Amanda Poirier



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Amanda Poirier is a law clerk who focuses on residential real estate transactions. Performing any step required to complete a purchase, sale or refinance transaction, Amanda can be found circulating agreements, communicating with title insurance companies, dealing with tax departments, working with financial institutions, receiving and paying out funds, and collaborating directly with her clients to ensure they are always informed and prepared.

With over 8 years of experience, Amanda has had the opportunity to work within many different sectors of the law including commercial and residential real estate, civil litigation, wills and estates, and corporate and family law. Over the years, Amanda’s career has placed her in a number of big-name law firms where she received formal training and mentorship from the most senior lawyers. This breadth of experience is what eventually made her realize her strengths and passion for real estate law and she now brings a deep, broad and big-picture understanding to the table.

Attending CTS Canadian Career College in Barrie, Amanda graduated from the Law Clerk Program in 2010. With exceptional organization skills, a high attention to detail and a strong and resourceful work ethic, Amanda always maintains open and honest communication with her clients, executing each file smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Julie Bastone



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Julie Bastone is a senior law clerk focusing on the firm’s most complicated commercial real estate and financing deals. Responsible for drafting, reviewing and finalizing documents, conducting and reviewing required searches, and liaising with lawyers, clients, agents, brokers and managers, Julie expertly handles any and all issues that arise during or after each transaction in order to ensure that the necessary needs are met by all parties.

Julie has over 23 years of experience in various sectors of the law including corporate, real estate and litigation. She has worked with a wide variety of clients, such as CEOs, partners and sole proprietors in all kinds of work environments including large firms, mid-sized firms, sole practitioner offices and government headquarters.

Julie graduated from the University of Toronto’s B.A. program and earned her Law Clerk Diploma from Seneca College. From large Bay Street law companies to small boutique legal firms around the GTA, Julie has been actively working as a law clerk since 1995. With an innate ability to review complex situations and simplify the issues at hand, Julie keeps clients well informed and still retains the nuances of each matter’s intricacy.

Jill Rowe



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Jill Rowe is a senior law clerk who focuses on corporate and commercial law. She began her career in 1996, bringing over 22 years of experience to the table.

Within her current role, Jill is involved in all aspects of the firm’s corporate and commercial law practice. This includes the preparation of transactional documents, the implementation of estate freezes and corporate reorganizations, the completion of incorporations, amendments, amalgamations, continuances, dissolutions and revivals, minute book reviews (including rectification resolutions and annual corporate maintenance), the completion of extra provincial registrations, business names and limited partnership registrations, and due diligence searches.

Formerly, Jill was the Corporate Secretary of Dominion Diamond Corporation where she was responsible for liaising with the Board of Directors, attending all Board, Committee and Shareholder meetings, preparing for such meetings (which included the drafting of notices, agendas and minutes, and maintaining the Board electronic portal), attending to SEDAR, EDGAR, TSX, NYSE and SEDI filings, and assisting with the preparation of annual filing materials and certifications.

Jill takes great pride in providing exceptional service and quality of work to her clients.