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Jill Rowe is a senior law clerk who focuses on corporate and commercial law. She began her career in 1996, bringing over 22 years of experience to the table.

Within her current role, Jill is involved in all aspects of the firm’s corporate and commercial law practice. This includes the preparation of transactional documents, the implementation of estate freezes and corporate reorganizations, the completion of incorporations, amendments, amalgamations, continuances, dissolutions and revivals, minute book reviews (including rectification resolutions and annual corporate maintenance), the completion of extra provincial registrations, business names and limited partnership registrations, and due diligence searches.

Formerly, Jill was the Corporate Secretary of Dominion Diamond Corporation where she was responsible for liaising with the Board of Directors, attending all Board, Committee and Shareholder meetings, preparing for such meetings (which included the drafting of notices, agendas and minutes, and maintaining the Board electronic portal), attending to SEDAR, EDGAR, TSX, NYSE and SEDI filings, and assisting with the preparation of annual filing materials and certifications.

Jill takes great pride in providing exceptional service and quality of work to her clients.