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Vani Selvarajah is a corporate and commercial lawyer. Amenable, intuitive and analytical, Vani is a legal advisor who represents a wide range of clients in various corporate and commercial transactions.

Her diverse professional background includes prior work in refugee and immigration law with Barbara Jackman at Jackman Nazami & Associates, corporate and business law at GA Law, and human rights advocacy through Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada at the United Nations. Vani’s cultured experience combined with her intuitive, meticulous and practical legal skills, gives her the essential skillset to close deals efficiently, always protecting the best interests of her clients.

Graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts focusing in Legal Studies and Criminology, Vani attended law school at the University of Alberta. She received her law degree in 2011 and was called to the Bar in 2012.

Vani is currently on the Board of Directors for Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, an organization of lawyers who promote human rights around the world, and appears regularly before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Through these organizations, Vani advocates for human rights across the globe, taking active participation in the world’s most pressing issues.