Associate Agreements

Striking the Perfect Balance

When you decide to bring an associate onboard in your dental practice, you must agree on a number of terms including the collection of billings, remuneration, your legal relationship, supplies provided, time commitments, confidentiality, termination and restrictive covenants. From the very beginning of your working relationship, it is important that your associates know their value within your practice. At the same time, be sure you know the market, calculate your bottom line and honour the needs of your practice so you can arrive at an intelligent and reasonable final agreement.

Fair and Efficient Negotiations

Saad Law has assisted many dentists in associate agreement negotiations. The Saad Law philosophy is one of respect and collaboration. We believe that good business owners treat their associates fairly – and this starts with an appropriate associate agreement that thoroughly addresses the essential matters at hand. We help you analyze the going market rates and negotiate with your associate to agree on important terms. Our specialized legal team guides you in the right direction to define various aspects of the relationship in order to ensure that both parties are mindful of their responsibilities and obligations to the other.

Drafting and Honouring the Agreement

Once verbal negotiations are complete, Saad Law proceeds to draft the associate agreement on your behalf. With high attention to detail, our lawyers define the necessary terms and write in a manner that is clear and unambiguous. Prior to signing, Saad Law explains all aspects of the agreement to ensure that everyone understands the commitment. By doing so, we lessen the chances of any negative disputes. However, in the event that a dispute does take place, you can rest assured that this agreement has been drafted to protect your best interests even in the worst of times.