Other Healthcare Professionals

Other Healthcare Professionals

Experience that Spans the Professions

From veterinary and optometry clinics, to specialized medical imaging and diagnostic centres, Saad Law has worked with a wide range of healthcare professionals. Providing whatever legal expertise is required, we might assist with the negotiation of a commercial lease, the setup of a new health professional corporation or the acquisition of an existing practice. Our skilled and pragmatic healthcare lawyers bring years of industry-specific experience to the table, enabling us to perceptively navigate the system and offer best in class legal counsel.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Whether you’re a radiologist or a veterinarian, operating your own practice involves strict compliance with important regulations that govern your profession. Saad Law has years of experience working with the regulatory colleges in Canada to facilitate a number of activities including license transfers, accreditation or billing number acquisitions and reapplication processes. We know the requirements. We have contacts in all the right places. We make sure the regulatory component of your file is quick and seamless.

Transactional Excellence

Satisfying regulations is only half the battle. On the other side of your file, you need a shrewd legal advisor you can trust. The Saad Law philosophy is friendly and approachable, yet stringent and meticulous. We live and breathe our work. From highly organized file management and a detail oriented work ethic, to skillful negotiations and an unwavering commitment to protect your best interests, our healthcare lawyers always “get it done”.