Pharmacy Acquisition or Disposition

A Specialized Service for a Specialized Practice

Pharmacies are much more than businesses. They are regulated practices that require specific expertise on important legal matters. The Saad Law name is well known within the pharmacy community and we have assisted numerous pharmacists in their acquisitions and divestitures of pharmacies throughout Canada.

Regulatory and Transactional Service Excellence

When you engage Saad Law on your file, you’re working with a firm that knows both the regulatory and transactional requirements inside out and backwards. Not only are we aware of the necessary procedures, but we also know how to fulfill those procedures efficiently and precisely.

When it comes to complying with applicable regulations, we hold longstanding relationships with the regulatory colleges in Canada. We know exactly who to call to facilitate a wide range of regulatory matters, which in turn, ensures that your deal moves forward without complication.

On the transactional side of any given file, we provide the same trusted legal advisory that our clients have come to expect from us. Our specialized pharmacy lawyers pinpoint possible issues, resolve any problems that have the potential to slow down your file and protect your best interests at all times.

A Seamless Process

During the acquisition or divestiture of a pharmacy, we know how important it is to be swift, shrewd and smooth. You need to focus on your new patients in order to provide them with quality care. And this means you need a proficient law firm to handle legal matters on your behalf. With many years of experience behind us, Saad Law is able to quickly identify and understand the requirements of your file and work diligently behind the scenes to complete the necessary regulatory processes and to effectively represent you and your practice as we bring your deal to a close.

Demonstrating Our Expertise

In 2015, Saad Law was involved in the successful completion of pharmacy related acquisitions, divestitures and financing transactions totalling over $35.0 million dollars. A few of these included:

  • A multi store acquisition
  • A new pharmacy and clinic startup
  • Various pharmacy transactions in Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Alberta