The Saad Law Corporate Practice

From small scale, owner-operated businesses to large scale global enterprises, Saad Law acts a trusted, experienced and process-driven advisor. We represent both private and public sector companies in a wide range of corporate and commercial transactions. Our corporate lawyers have the perception, knowledge and skills to handle files in the most efficient, judicious manner.

Work with a Firm with a Unique Understanding

Today’s business landscape is highly competitive. You work in a fast paced, constantly changing, very sophisticated environment. Time is of the essence. While you are pulled in a hundred different directions as you work to grow your business, you need a legal advisor you can count on for shrewd guidance and dependable representation. Saad Law’s principal lawyer, Peter Saad, comes from a strong business background which he has strategically leveraged to shape the very philosophy that governs who we are and how we work. In other words, we get it.

What You Can Expect From Us

Over the years we’ve become a firm well known for legal counsel that addresses and resolves key issues early, simplifies even the most complex intricacies of a file, and always protects the best interests of its clients. We are decisive, diligent and focused. When Saad Law is engaged on a matter, we commit ourselves to provide the kind of advice you need to effectively handle the challenges you’re faced with – and to come out on the winning side.